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Return to a farm bursting with life, and the old familiar feeling of a farmhouse home that’s all your own.

Game Features

Animal Families

Animals are the heart of every farm! On your farm, there are always amazing new animals just waiting to be discovered. As you breed, nurture and tend the baby animals, they’ll grow into new and exciting breeds. You can even unlock rare special breeds to breathe exotic life into your quaint farm!

Helping Hands

As you play, you can hire and level up a number of Farmhands. Each farmhand has their own special skills, and they get more efficient as you level them up. Their unique personalities and quirks breathe life into your farm!

Rain or Shine

While there are beautiful sunny days, rainy clouds and snowfalls do happen from time to time. Use the weather to your advantage to speed up your crops growth, or plan for your next fishing trip.

All your Own

Your farm is all your own! Choosing where and what to build, and transform your farm's look and feel with hundreds of decorations in order to make it truly unique! You can also choose from a variety of styles, and colors for each building, to ensure that your farm is one of a kind!

Meet the Cast

Marie Merryweather

Marie knows all you need to know about harvesting crops, caring for animals, and renovating barns, and she'll show you the ropes.

Marie Merryweather

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